Hilljerk (n) One of a collection of relatively civilized males who routinely lose all sense of reason in pursuit of the great outdoors. Sorry ya weren't there . . . we missed ya! Fall 2010 Pics
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Just a few pics to show the Windsuckers a little of what they missed . . . yeah, it was great! > >>
That Scribe is a heck of a guitar player, but when he plays the dinner bell he REALLY gets an audience! Wildman's Ruby gets a well deserved rest after pulling the Haminator and the Monster Mobile Collins out of the mud on Thursday night. That's the portable Collins AM broadcast station in the background, with the Haminator podnering his next move.
And you should be able to look at the following and know why we do what we do . . . if you can't tell, you must not be a Hilljerk . . . yer on yer own, nuthin' I can do fer ya!

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