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Hillerk Legacy
(Interesting Tidbits of Local Lore)

"Devil" Anse Hatfield, the leader of the Hatfield clan of West Virginia during the famous, legendary, and perhaps most well known feud in American history.
Randall McCoy, leader of the McCoy clan of Kentucky.

Ellison Hatfield, brother of Devil Anse.

Ellison Hatfield was attacked by three of Randall McCoy's sons, suffering 26 knife wounds and one pistol shot. He lingered for a full day before dying of his wounds. Devil Anse and his clan captured the three McCoy boys and locked them up while standing vigil by Ellison's side. Devil Anse swore that if his brother died that he would kill the three McCoy boys.

Devil Anse was a man of his word, and carried out his threat. This proved a major turning point in the feud, and after this sequence of events the war was pursued for another 20 years.

Johnse Hatfield and Roseanna McCoy, star crossed lovers and victims of the feud. Their chapter in the story of the feud is perhaps one of the most tragic.For a more complete account click here .
Frank Phillips, Bad Man among Bad Men. An ally of the McCoys, Frank Phillips served on the staff of Kentucky Governor Buckner, and was a close friend of the McCoys. He and Randall McCoy staged raids across the Tug River into West Virginia to capture allies of the Hatfields and return them to Kentucky to face trial. Frank was known for his ability with a pistol and his capacity for both moonshine and women. He came to a not surprising end, killed in a drunken brawl in a Virginia bar.

The Hatfield Family Cemetary, Sara Ann, West Virginia.

This marble statue of Devil Anse was imported from France to mark his final resting place.

Before his death in 1911, Devil Anse found religion, accepted Christ, and lived his remaining days embracing his faith in God.





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